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Adasa products, modular and ready to monitor and control water quality.
Standard and customised solutions that will easily help you to detect pollution alerts and improve opperational efficiency.


Adasa is characterised for being an innovative company in the area of real time monitoring of the quality of water and the environment. With a clear commitment to R&D&I, Adasa moves ahead of the needs of the sector by developing new equipment to meet the specific requirements of each sector.


Adasa joins 25 years of experience with knowledge of technology at the service of water and environment. At Adasa we help you to find the best product or integrated solution by designing and building customized solutions that provide a comprehensive response to your measurement objective and operation.


With the clear premise of achieving the full satisfaction of its clients, Adasa offers a complete support that guarantees fulfilling the maximum technical requirements. Adasa is different because of its renowned experience as an environmental networks operator, providing a strategic domain for its operation and maintenance.