Project Description

Reservoirs are essential infrastructures in the water management field. The origin of its waters may be diverse (rain, streams, run-off of cultivated land, etc.), not guaranteeing the quality of the environment because these flows may contain large amounts of nutrients, organic matter and other contaminants.

Likewise, the natural behaviour of dams and reservoirs theirselves actively affects the state of the water. The eutrophication state of some dams represents a serious problem for managing the resource. The aquaDam system constitutes the most complete solution on the market for automatic monitoring of the quality of dammed water and the optimization of its use.

aquaDam is comprised of a multiparametric self positioning probe that automatically measures the parameters that represent the quality of water at different depths in dams.

This tool is highly effective for managing water in reservoirs, which allows optimizing operating costs and minimizes organoleptic problems in subsequent purification. aquaDam ensures quality control in real time and defines the ideal depth at which water is extracted depending on its end use.


• Multiparameter analyser: temperature, pH, conductivity, redox, oxygen, turbidity, chlorophyll and Secchi disk
• Control system of the multiparameter analyser, which manages the positioning, communication and self-cleaning of the analyser
• Download data, reporting and remote control of the equipment or a network of the equipment


Automatic order:
aquaDam carries out automatic measurements of the parameters at different depths in order to develop profiles graphics. The frequency and depth of the measuring points are configurable.
aquaDam has a cleaning system that enables the extension of the system’s autonomy.
Data are collected automatically by the control center for their analysis and operation.

Manually ordered: 
The measurement process is set off by a local order from the aquaDam keyboard or by a remote command.

Noteworthy Characteristics

• Complete system, from the measures collection to the description by profiles graphic
• Historic record generated of all profiles developed
• Key information for reservoir water management, enabling the definition of the ideal depth for water extraction in real-time
• Automatic and remote operation, with a high autonomy because of the robustness and the patented cleaning system
• Easily integrated into control and operational networks (water quality information systems and so on)
• Quick and easy setting-up

Power supply: 220 VAC/50 Hz
Request other options (220 VAC/60 Hz)
Power: 700 W without the complete cleaning system
3300 W with the complete cleaning system
Communications: Profibus DP, integrated GSM/GPRS Modem,
Front panel RS-232 port, RS-232 port / RS-485 terminals
Probes: Temperature 0…50ºC
pH 0 … 14 uds pH
Redox -2000 … +2000 mV
Conductivity 0 … 8000uS/cm
Oxygen 0 … 20 ppm O2
Turbidity 0 … 300 FAU
Chlorophyll 0 … 200 mg/l Chla
Depth 0 … 80 m
Secchi Disk 0 … 100%

aquaView, the desktop-based data download application which allows data download, visualization and export in a user-friendly environment. The software allows tracking events such as sampling status or cleanups. aquaView is the perfect complement to your Adasa product.

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