Project Description

The automatic analysis equipments supply information on certain events that happen in the natural environment, providing fundamental information on possible contamination incidents or the quality of bodies of water. Nevertheless, on certain occasions it is necessary to be able to characterise the composition in detail, whether to determine the specific origin of the effluents, or to determine the qualitative composition of the water.

aquaMostra takes samples under optimum conditions, for subsequent laboratory analysis. It is an indispensable complement for installations with early warning and continuous analysis units.


• Capture system that maintains the sample unchanged, for which there are two options:
–  Peristaltic pump – Takes samples by water suction.
–  Vacuum pump – Takes samples without coming into contact with the pump elements.

• Cooling system for preserving the samples at 4°C.
• Data monitoring, acquisition, storage and transmission system.


aquaMostra takes samples at user-definable intervals or at specific times. It is also capable of taking samples responding to alarms from other equipment, probes or remote commands from a control centre.
Before taking each sample, aquaMostra executes an automatic cleaning process of the bottle to fill and the pipes through which the sample will flow to guarantee total renewal.
After taking each sample, there is cycle to empty the pipes to avoid subsequent contamination.
The sample is stored in sealable 0.5 l PEHD bottles, which are located in a removable tray.
Data relative to the sample can be recorded automatically in a remote control centre.

Noteworthy Characteristics

• Recognition of the state of the sample bottles.
• Automatic emptying system for bottles.
• Corrosion resistant interior in 316 stainless steel.
• Sealable bottles.
• Flexible parameterisation for sampling, volumes, cleaning, etc.
• Possibility of monitoring using external probes.
• Sampling triggered by alarms from other units.
• Self-cleaning system for pipes and capture.
• Possibility of managing the capture system.

Power supply: 110 – 230 VAC/50 -60 Hz
Power: 650 W
Communications: RS-232, RS-485.
Options: Modem GSM/GPRS, Ethernet
Sample volume: Adjustable from 200 ml to 500 ml
Capacity: 24 sealable 500 ml bottles
Intake: Flow 25 l/min, pipe Ø 9.5 mm
Dimensions: 1350x650x700 mm
Weight: 100 kg

aquaView, the desktop-based data download application which allows data download, visualization and export in a user-friendly environment. The software allows tracking events such as sampling status or cleanups. aquaView is the perfect complement to your Adasa product.

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