Project Description

aquaReg is an irrigation water monitoring unit prepared for automating and controlling hydrants in an irrigation system.

It incorporates a solid GSM/GPRS communications system that ensures maximum coverage and minimizes the costs of transmitting guidelines and commands from the control centre.

Structure System

aquaReg irrigation water monitoring unit.
• UCR OPC Driver: communication management software. It is the bridge between the control center or SCADA and aquaReg equipment..

The main advantage of the system based on GSM / GPRS communication is the simplicity of its architecture since all computers directly communicate with the UCR OPC Driver. This architecture allows data transmission in real or deferred time, as needed and depending on feed-in system.


The proposed system ensures:

• Control, acquisition and storage of information of the entire network (consumption, pressure, levels…).
• Double solenoid valves operation management.
• Control and alarm in case of intrusion, flooding, valves failure…

All information sent and received by aquaReg equipment is stored by the UCR OPC Driver and can be managed by any control center using standard OPC communications

Noteworthy Characteristics

• Management of 4 hydrants.
• GSM / GPRS communication.
• 8 years autonomy (See conditions).
• Versatile power system with integrated SLA battery charger.
• Reading smart meters.
• Storage capacity of irrigation programs.
• Hydrant failure alarms.

Temperature Range: -30ºC à +60ºC
Protection Degree: IP66
External Power (Limited power source)
Nominal : 12 Vdc
Tolerance: +7,2 Vdc … +20 Vdc
Maximum current: 0.5 A
Power Solar Panel
Voltage nominal panel: 12 Vdc
Maximum current load: 150 mA
Nominal voltage battery: 12 Vdc
Float Voltage: 13,8 Vdc
Protections: Reverse polarity, overvoltage and temperature compensation.
Internal Power (Limited power source)
Batteries: 8 Lithium Batteries (4 groups of 7,2V in parallel)
Power Output (Optional)
Nominal voltage/current: 24 Vdc / 100 mA et 5 Vdc / 50 mA
Activation: Set up activation time to minimize consumption.
Protection: Short circuit
Pulse Inputs
No. Meters: 4
Minimum Pulse: 1 ms
Maximum frequency: 65535 pulses / registration period or 10Hz
Cable Maximum length: 100 m
Alarm generation: Set up by overcoming number of pulses
Smart Meters (Optional)
Bus: CZBus (3 hilos, SEL, SDATA, GND)
Frames: A Type
No. Meters: 4
Reading time: 60 segundos
Cable Maximum length: 20 m
Digital Inputs
No.Imputs 8
Filtering period: 1… 60 seconds
Alarm generation: Set up by low level
Analog inputs
No.Inputs: 4
Range: 0…25 mA / 0…10 V
Accuracy : 1 %
Alarm generation: Low and/or high level
Protection: Over current and over voltage to 24Vdc
Valve excitation output
No. Outputs: 4
Configuration: 2 / 3 Wires
Nominal : 9 V / 12 V / 24 V, setup configuration
Maximum current: 500 mA / 0.5 sec
Cable Maximum length: 100 m
Protection: Short-circuit
Modem: GSM / GPRS
RS232C: 19200 bps / No parity / 2 Stop bits
USB : (Optional)

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