Project Description

EACAR stations are a real time quality monitoring system for the effluents of wastewater treatment plants, providing valuable information as compared with the traditional periodic control by means of taking scheduled samples.

EACAR allows knowing in real time the behaviour of wastewater treatment plants detecting the plant’s operating incidents early, which makes it possible to make timely decisions when faced with a problem that destabilizes the process, minimizing non desired discharges.

EACAR ensures compliance with established quality objectives, authorization limits and permanent adaptation of discharge fees.

It provides an overall picture of the most significant spillages and the impact risks they could produce within the environment. In addition, it verifies compliance with the established quality assurance goals, authorised limits and permanent adaptation of spilling fees.

Through continuous monitoring of effluent quality, EACAR provides information on process performance and gives real-time indications on plant performance during operational incidents and on how to recover operational process stability when this is lost.


The system operates automatically and continually by recording the measured values of the implemented parameters and any registered quality assurance alarms according to programmed limits. These alarms may produce sampling for subsequent analysis in the laboratory. Operational alarms are recorded in order to facilitate adaptation of the system operating conditions.
Operating commands can be transmitted from the control centre to the stations.

Differentiating characteristics

• Information required for spillages condition management at all times
• Production of a data log and customised reports
• Detection of anomalous spillages situations and the development of suitable measures to take
• Reduced maintenance
• Autonomous control with remote control
• Simple integration into existing systems with few implementation requirements


aquaTest-MO equipment is capable of controlling up to sixteen sensors, with colour graphic display and configuration of the various operating parameters and characteristics.
The following sensors can be programmed:

• Temperature: 0 to 40ºC
• pH: 0 to 14 udpH
• Redox: ±2000 mV
• Conductivity: 0 to 20 mS/cm
• Dissolved oxygen: 0 to20 ppm
• Turbidity: 0 to 300 FAU
• Organic matter: 0 to 400 Abs/m

It can be supplied with several sensor configurations in various measurement ranges (polarographic or optical oxygen sensor, etc). It has additional channels for including more sensors or analysers so that it can concentrate the data and manage their transmission to the control centre.

It integrates all hydraulic circuit management functions for the station, such as the cleaning system, circuit breaker alarm management and the pump speed variator or its automatic reset.


It includes a cooled sampler equipment with an extractable bottle-carrier for 24 samples with automatic emptying and rinsing of the bottle to be filled. Programmable and cyclic sampling by alarm and remote command.


Prefabricated, insulated and anticorrosive container-type, installed on a stainless steel structure. It includes bio-climatic protection with natural and forced ventilation that does not require any air-conditioning and thus guarantees very low consumption.

This is a programmed cyclic mode image recording system that operates by remote control and records real time video, with configurable image resolution.

External signal reception
An autonomous system employing wireless data transmission that uses long-duration batteries in the remote, configurable and expandable transmitters, with two signals in the standard version, which can be expanded and with a range of one kilometre over open ground without any obstacles.

Data transmission
This includes the means for transmitting the data for the recorded alarms, together with the recorded images from the video-surveillance system to the control centre via MODEM GSM/GPRS/UMTS.

Control centre software
This is designed for data acquisition, storage, management and validation of information on dumping quality as well as recorded images and alarms. It can produce configurable reports and export data to conventional databases.

aquaView, the desktop-based data download application which allows data download, visualization and export in a user-friendly environment. The software allows tracking events such as sampling status or cleanups. aquaView is the perfect complement to your Adasa product.

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